How to use the West Bridgford Fitness Trail – Part 1


In the first of our two part series Alex West from Boost Your Body looks at how to get the most out of our local fitness facilities:

We are extremely fortunate to have a Fitness Trail in West Bridgford. However I have very rarely seen anyone using it!

It’s such a shame as you can get a total body workout from it, and as a bonus get some fresh air as well.

Here I show you how to use the Fitness Trail to get yourself looking trim in time for the summer.

You start at the monkey bars which are in front of the car park behind Marks & Spencer and Felicini. From there you can go clockwise or anticlockwise, either will give you a great workout.
To make it harder, sprint between the features.

Before you begin do a simple warm up including some gentle stretches.

Monkey Bars

These give you a great upper body workout, particularly working your biceps, back and core.

Start by climbing up the metal steps until you can reach the bars overhead. Grasp the first couple of bars and slowly step off the metal rungs until you are hanging from the overhead bars. Then work your way across grasping each subsequent bar with alternate hands, just like a monkey would do!

MonkeyBars1 MonkeyBars2




Leap Frog

These also give you a great upper body workout, focussing on your triceps, chest and core. They also work your legs a little.

Give yourself a little run up, place both hands on top of the post, leap frog over it and then on to the next one.

LeapFrog1 LeapFrog2





Ab Board

This bit of equipment will give your core a great workout.

Start by working your lower abs. Lie on the board with your head at the end with the metal bar across it. Hold onto the metal bar with both hands. Keep your knees bent a little and raise them towards your chest until your lower back lifts slightly off the board. Slowly lower until your feet are just higher than the board and then repeat.

Perform 15 repetitions.

AbBoard1 AbBoard2





Now move onto your upper abs. Lie on the board with your feet hooked under the metal bar. Place your hands each side of your head and slowly curl your upper body up until your shoulder blades leave the board. Feel the contraction in your abs and then slowly lower back to the board.

Perform 15 repetitions.

AbBoard3 AbBoard4






These give your arms, chest and shoulders a really good workout.

Stand between the two metal bars and place a hand on each, taking your feet away so your weight is supported by your hands. Slowly lower yourself so your elbows are bent at 90 degrees, then push yourself back up.

If you struggle with this concentrate on lowering yourself and then stand up to go back to the start position.

Perform 8 repetitions.

Dips2 Dips1