Running in West Bridgford


Alex from Boost Your Body gives a few ideas for running routes in and around West Bridgford:

West Bridgford is fantastically located for runners of all abilities with some really great routes available.

Perhaps the most basic but still very enjoyable for those just starting out is a lap or two of West Bridgford Park.  Whilst this isn’t the longest route it is picturesque and offers variation in running surfaces from pathway to grass. Ideal for the beginner.

Away from West Bridgford slightly the River Trent and Holme Pierrepont offer amazing running opportunities.

Looping out from West Bridgford, along the River Trent, over the pedestrian bridge and up to Wilford bridge then back down the Trent and back into West Bridgford is a nice route which clocks in at just over 3 miles.

That can be extended, considerably, by including Holme Pierrepont into the equation. Either extending your run to go to the edge of the boating lake and back can add another 4 miles onto your run or, for the more advanced, looping around the boating lake adds a whopping 7 miles to your run clocking in at around 10 miles.

Of course we shouldn’t forget the very streets of West Bridgford itself and for the fan of urban running streets such as Musters Road, Davies Road and Abbey Road offer attractive routes.

Finally, thanks to its edge of town location, runners looking for even longer routes can start in West Bridgford and then, heading east or south, very quickly find themselves out in the country with all the benefits that offers.

So whatever your level, whether you are just starting out or have been running for a long time, West Bridgford offers a great variety of routes to keep you motivated and challenged.

Below is an 8 week running programme that I have written. It’s specifically designed for people who want to go from couch potato to being about to run for 30 minutes without collapsing. It will make a good programme for those looking to do the race for life in June.

8 week running programme