Help Girlguiding grow in West Bridgford

Girlguiding West Bridgford

Girlguiding is growing in West Bridgford – but needs more volunteers to help it grow even more!

Figures just released by Girlguiding Nottinghamshire show that, despite two new Rainbow units having opened in West Bridgford in the last year, there are still 67 local girls aged between 5 and 7 who are waiting for a place. That’s enough to fill at least another four units. The only thing missing at the moment is the volunteers to run them.

Add to that the girls aged 7-10 who want to join Brownies, and the 10-to-teens who are waiting to join Guides, and the scale of the issue hits home.

‘Adult members of Girlguiding have as much fun as the girls, and joining us is a positive move in so many ways,’ says Wendy Walker, who, as Division Commissioner for West Bridgford, is inviting would-be volunteers to get in touch to find out more.

‘We provide all our leaders and helpers with training, mentoring and experience, which add up to invaluable transferable skills,’ Wendy continues. ‘Being an adult member of Guiding also opens up an amazing social world, with endless opportunities to meet people and make new friends. But, above all else, you just can’t beat knowing you’re really helping young people to get the most out of life!’

Girlguiding Nottinghamshire is a big supporter of ‘flexible guiding’: the time and frequency of unit meetings can be organised around other commitments, for instance, or units can be run on a job-share basis. There are also plenty of supporting and non-uniformed roles for volunteers offering to help just as and when needed.

To talk to Wendy Walker about helping Guiding to grow in West Bridgford, e-mail

Enquiries about volunteering with Girlguiding Nottinghamshire across the county are always welcome: explore to find out more.