Soothe showcase LED Mask

LED mask

Soothe on Melton Road are holding an event from 3.30 this afternoon (Saturday 20th May) to launch the LED mask.

There has been a lot of celebrity interest in the LED masks, used for their anti-ageing and radiance boost. The LED mask has been featured in the major magazines, on TV and celebrities have posted their pictures with their mask on all over social media. Despite looking a little freaky, the masks benefits are multiple and this event will give you a chance to see the mask, try it on and ask lots of questions about anti-ageing, rosacea, acne, pigmentation and more.

The event will take place at Soothe (above Isobel and Henry – 103 Melton Road) – schedule for the afternoon is below:

3.30pm – Scary Mask Cup Cakes with bubbles

4pm – Alicia Kite Academy will be our model who will be giving away her fashion secrets from under the mask.

4.20pm – Q&A and play session where you can ask questions and have a play with the mask.

Take a selfie and check yourself in to be in the draw for a free LED Facial!

5pm (ish) Go home with a goodie bag with a Neo Elegance Sheet mask worth £5, Ishga face and body samples and more!

Please take a second to register for the event if you are planning to attend.

What is the LED mask?

LED light therapy is a new and emerging therapy that uses the natural healing power of light. It has been validated by countless universities, medical labs and even NASA.

How does it work?

When you expose the skin surface to the light it activates the skins photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its light. A suitable colour of light is chosen to treat a wide variety of concerns from ageing to rosacea because it stimulates a healing response.

Why choose LED?

You know I always aim to provide you with the best treatments and that my approach is a non-invasive and holistic one. LED Light Therapy is painless, safe and effective, triggering the body to convert light energy to cell energy, improving cell function.

What can LED Light Therapy do for me?

LED mask benefits

You can incorporate LED Light therapy and muscle stimulation into your daily homecare routine.

Voted ‘Best Home Use Device’ and ‘Best for Skin Plumping’ by Women’s Health.