Edwalton Football Club make a move to the next stage of their history


Next season will see both Edwalton Football Club and Edwalton Cavaliers begin a new chapter in their history by moving from the Alford Road site that’s been home for the last 27 years to take up residence at the Nottingham Football Centre’s Rushcliffe site.

Over the last year the club has been completely focused on working towards taking this momentous step and feel it was what was needed if they were to achieve their two key objectives, making every aspect of football available to the community and becoming a totally self-sufficient club as chairman Tim Stacey explains:

“Our first black tie ball earlier this year allowed us to raise enough money to organise refereeing and coaching courses for our older age groups so they can start taking responsibility for our younger age groups. It also gave us enough money to provide a series of football open days for girls, the first of which saw 40 girls across a variety of age groups enjoy professional coaching for free at Edwalton Primary School.”

However Tim was also quick to add:

“The only thing missing was a real identity for the club and as a committee we felt we could never cultivate that at Alford Road. However, having moved all of our coaching to the NFC two years ago, we recognised broadening out that partnership could well provide the answer.”

Richard Hipkiss, Managing Director of Field Sports Management – owners of the Nottingham Football Centre – agreed:

“When we sat down to talk it immediately became obvious we all wanted the same thing. We both want to build a real community club and work together towards – we hope! – establishing a senior Saturday afternoon side in the coming years that will really promote just how active football is in Rushcliffe Borough. We also agreed that a club needs a physical focal point and we hope that the fast improving social facilities at our Rushcliffe site will deliver just that, somewhere the parents and players can meet up and somewhere the club can put up their colours in and promote their successes.”

If you would like to find out more about how your sons can join Edwalton Cavaliers or if you’d like more details on the upcoming free coaching session for girls, you can find out more at http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/edwaltoncavaliersfc or email them at edwaltoncavaliersfc@gmail.com.

The club are also looking for more senior players for their first and reserve teams so again if you’d like to apply, please email them via the website or the gmail address.