The Brain Behind Behaviour; The Power of the ‘Connected Parent’ at Copper Cafe

the connected parent

Join ‘Well Within Reach’ on 1st May at Copper Cafe, West Bridgford for ‘The Brain Behind Behaviour; The Power of the Connected Parent’, an informal & accessible session helping parents to master behaviour challenges with less conflict and more ease.

Parenting is becoming more complicated and multi-faceted in the 21st Century, with screen time taking up a larger space in your child’s mind and having a bigger impact on their behaviour and mental health than we as parents can understand.

Consequently, too much of our time with our kids is spent feeling frustrated and shouting. but all our children’s behaviour has its roots in their brain, and so the solution lies in understanding how their brains work. This insightful, easy-to-understand workshop explains just that, enabling you to change behaviour with fewer bribes, threats and less ‘authority’.

By introducing simple techniques, this session will empower you to;

* Parent more confidently, and without comparing your child with everyone else’s

* Respond to the daily dramas with fewer conditions and more compassion

* Re-connect with your child by nurturing-rather than managing-your relationship with them

Essentially, this masterclass; aimed at parents of 3-8 year olds will help you to develop a healthier, happier relationship with your child by reconnecting with; rather than ‘managing’; them.

Limited tickets; £19.50 or £65 for a group of 4. Tickets will be available on the door subject to availability- to secure your place now, book here;

Please bring ticket proof of purchase, as well as a notebook and pen for taking notes if you wish. Additionally, the bar will be open so come along and enjoy a glass of wine or soft drink, with time to chat afterwards.

There is parking available within a 5 minute walk of the venue, plus regular bus links from Nottingham City.

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