Nursery invites youngsters to meet emergency services

Children meeting emergency services workers
Children from Hollies Day Nursery in West Bridgford dress up as emergency responders in preparation for Saturday's Superhero Day

Do you have a child under the age of 5? Would they know what to do if faced with an emergency?

When this happened to one of the youngsters from Hollies Day Nurseries during a day out in Nottingham, the 4 year old was able to provide vital assistance by putting her aunt into the recovery position. Unfortunately, many young children don’t have this knowledge, so the team at Hollies have decided to tackle the problem by inviting Nottingham’s Emergency Services to attend a Superhero Day at their nursery in West Bridgford this month. Visitors will meet local Police Officers and Firemen, as well as representatives from the East Midlands Ambulance Service and Park Rangers from the Trent District Community Responders. They will be able to look inside the emergency vehicles, chat to the teams and learn more about what each service does. There will also be first aid demonstrations and the opportunity to have a go at CPR using the training manikins.

As well as helping children to see the Emergency Services as friends not ‘strangers’, the aim is to provide families with strategies for emergencies. If a child is home alone with an adult who suffers a medical trauma, this could be as simple as being able to call 999, provide basic information to responders and then unlock the front door when they arrive. Many young children are not equipped to deal with such situations and the team at Hollies hopes that this informal event will give them the ability and the confidence to cope.

Drew Pike, owner of Hollies Day Nurseries, said “we hope that none of our families and children ever get into an emergency situation but it’s really important that we teach them what to do if this should happen. We show children from the age of 2 how to put someone into the recovery position, check for breathing and other essential first aid but wanted to extend this to families. With the fantastic support of Nottingham’s Emergency Services, this is a great opportunity for youngsters to meet and talk to the real superheroes of Nottingham”. Hollies will be providing free refreshments and, as there will be plenty of photo opportunities, children are encouraged to dress up and attend as their favourite superhero. This free event will be open to everyone and is aimed at young children and their families.

The Superhero Day will take place at Hollies Day Nursery at 103 Loughborough Road on Saturday 22nd June 2019 between 10.30 am and 12.00 noon.